Sunday, March 4, 2012

First post

 Hello I am creating a new game.  Yes, its one of minecraft 2d, terraria type games. I dont want to make a clone, but I very like block mechanics, random generated world, and crafting. I dont know yet how my game will be different, but it will be, I have couple of ideas. No multiplayer now, it will be to difficult to implement for me, maybe later if I feel I can do it. I need to come up with name. I thinking something with Stickman. So what is implemented:
  1. Player. I am bad at artwork so its stickman. It can move and jump. Have move and jump animation.
  2. Random generated world. Added perlin noise and with it I am trying to generate some basic 2d landscape. Its not perfect but in right direction.
Next I will try add block creation and destruction.
Small youtube video of current build:


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