Monday, March 19, 2012

Terrain generation

Saving and loading implemented, now most important task is terrain generation. I have 3 perlin noise class and couple generation functions. I am trying for cool looking terrain with mountains, interesting caves and so on. Its not easy and now I am a bit stuck.

More screens:

Looks better. but far from perfect.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Still working on save and load features, almost done, just need to fix some nasty bugs. One of them arise when trying load a level, somewhere it disappears and I need to find why.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Saving and loading

What's new in version 0.2.1:

  1. Added smooth camera. 
  2. Fixed bug where at position -0 block was indestructible. It occurred due transformation form float to int and for example -0.5 became just 0.
  3. Saving and loading world from hard disk drive.

Now what left is some menu updates to support loading and saving, different world saving and game will be ready for early alpha testing for public.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Infinity world

So today update is about infinity world generation.


Game generates infinity world in both sides. Its all generated in memory so if you wander to far its starts to lag a bit, it will be fixed when I will add save load features.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Added trees:

Its not perfect, needs a lot of tweaking, but for now its pretty good. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let there be light

Added light and torches:

Its not perfect, but light adds some good atmosphere.

Now I really need add a save and load features.


Inventory, background

Some updates for game:
  1. Improved GUI: now shows how many blocks you have, what block you selected.
  2. Added inventory: press 'e' to show inventory, you can arrange blocks how you want.
  3. Added background. Its more darker than front.

Now working on main menu system and maybe saving and loading features. Youtube video:  

New Blocks, HUD

Whats new in this version of game:
  1. New textures. Looks better then old ones.
  2. New blocks. Grass, bricks, wood, leaves, and gray block.
  3. HUD. Player now can select what block he wants to create.
  4. Limitations. Player can build and destroy block which are near him, and he cannot create block in player position.
  My built tree:

Gameplay video:

New blocks, improved terrain generation

Hello again, so whats new in this build:
  1. Added grass block. It is always generated on top of terrain. Later I will add grass growing (when dirt exposed to sun) and grass decay when something is build on top of it.
  2. Added stone block. Now with stone is filled gaps in terrain, later I will improve terrain generation and stone will be found more deeply.
  3. Tweaked generated terrain. Now its all filled without gaps. Gaps will be added later when cave will be introduced.
I think I will tell more about what game is about. Adventure of Stickman is sandbox style game, where your live in never ending, randomly generated world. For survival you must find food and gathering various resources for crafting tools and building shelter. It will feature all kinds of different creatures, resources and crafting patterns. Now I will work in user interface. User will be able to choose what block to build, see his inventory, his life and hunger meter.

Create, delete blocks

 Now you can add or remove blocks. Now I need different kind of blocks and UI to choose them.

First post

 Hello I am creating a new game.  Yes, its one of minecraft 2d, terraria type games. I dont want to make a clone, but I very like block mechanics, random generated world, and crafting. I dont know yet how my game will be different, but it will be, I have couple of ideas. No multiplayer now, it will be to difficult to implement for me, maybe later if I feel I can do it. I need to come up with name. I thinking something with Stickman. So what is implemented:
  1. Player. I am bad at artwork so its stickman. It can move and jump. Have move and jump animation.
  2. Random generated world. Added perlin noise and with it I am trying to generate some basic 2d landscape. Its not perfect but in right direction.
Next I will try add block creation and destruction.
Small youtube video of current build: